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GFLO Consultancy is a group of companies whose representatives and partners provide comprehensive consulting services in most countries around the world. We provide services in many areas of law but mainly specialize in corporate, migration and tax law. Our experts can assist with company formation and licensing and provide business support 24/7.

We can assist with:

  • Company formation and maintenance in most countries around the world;
  • Drafting, analyzing and proofreading of corporate documents and contracts;
  • Providing registered office addresses as well as legal and correspondence addresses;
  • Substance;
  • Secretarial services;
  • Nominee services;
  • Legalization and notarization of documents;
  • Auditing and accounting services;
  • Preparing financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • Filing reports with tax authorities;
  • Obtaining Good Standing, Incumbency and other certificates;
  • Registering trademarks in most countries around the world;
  • Getting utility model, industrial design and invention patents;
  • Getting taxpayer and identification numbers;
  • Migration issues;
  • Opening personal and corporate accounts in banks and other financial institutions;
  • Getting licenses and permits.


Company formation is not the most complicated task in the world. In most jurisdictions such job does not require a degree from a law school. Nevertheless, there are often cases when the cost of formation is rather on the high side. We clearly separate simple company formation orders from complex legal work, and therefore you can incorporate a company with us at a price lower than the market average.

However, we also value our degrees in law and economics. So to provide an advice on matters of corporate, tax and immigration law is a manageable job for us too.

Sounds a bit corny, right? Well, bear with us here. The history of our company is closely connected to a desire of quality services provision to our clients. Living in the world where services are being rendered and received, we see how often a client is not heard. When we are the ones who render a service, it is our responsibility to control the quality and make sure the client is satisfied.

It is the desire to help that we try to develop within our team, therefore responsiveness, empathy and customer centricity are the main criteria by which we select qualified specialists for our company.

We try to make sure communicating with us is easy. That is why various calculators and forms appear on our website. With their help information can be obtained and transmitted very quickly. The main purpose of process automation is to protect the client from unnecessary waiting. Using cost calculators you can immediately see a total of a services cost.

And thanks to various forms, a submission notification is immediately sent to an employee’s phone with all the necessary information to assist the client.

Our customers love that a company formation order can be placed on Friday night and then executed by us on Monday morning. Likewise that a question asked on Saturday doesn’t hang unread until Monday.

Having adapted to the different time zones, we have introduced a rule of responding immediately, and our clients really like it. Since then, you can chat with us at any time, any day of the week, as soon as we see your message – we respond.

Despite the fact that we try to make the legal side of doing business for our clients as easy as possible, our company has a clear specialization. And we do not provide services in a field in which we do not have enough experience.

Nevertheless, we can always refer a client to our reliable partners.


Diane, partner of
GFLO Consultancy


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