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GFLO Consultancy is a group of companies whose representatives and partners provide comprehensive consulting services in most countries around the world. We provide services in many areas of law but mainly specialize in corporate, migration and tax law.

We can assist with:

  • company formation and maintenance in most countries around the world;
  • drafting, analyzing and proofreading of corporate documents and contracts;
  • providing registered office addresses as well as legal and correspondence addresses;
  • substance;
  • secretarial services;
  • nominee services;
  • legalization and notarization of documents;
  • auditing and accounting services;
  • preparing financial statements under the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS);
  • filing reports with tax authorities;
  • obtaining Good Standing, Incumbency and other certificates;
  • registering trademarks in most countries around the world;
  • getting utility model, industrial design and invention patents;
  • getting taxpayer and identification numbers;
  • migration issues;
  • opening personal and corporate accounts in banks and other financial institutions;
  • getting licenses and permits.

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