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Ajman Free Zone company setup

Ajman Free Zone is a popular free zone (also known as a special economic zone) located in the United Arab Emirates. Ajman Free Zone company setup is a good decision for businesspeople looking for advantageous economical environments.

Ready to incorporate a company?

Ready to incorporate a company?

Регистрация компании в Аджман, ОАЭ (Ajman Free Zone)

Posted 4 May 2024

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Diane, partner of GFLO Consultancy

One of the most popular free zones and the second oldest one in the Emirates is Ajman Free Zone due to the convenience it offers for doing business. Like all free zones, Ajman Free Zone allows you to register a company with 100% foreign ownership; however, it does not permit conducting some business activities outside the free zone within the UAE. A company registered in the free zone can conduct business either from within the free zone or outside the UAE.

Benefits of Ajman Free Zone company setup

  1. Advantageous geographic location.
    Ajman Free Zone is located in the namesake Emirate of Ajman near international airports;
  2. Opportunity to rent a virtual office, warehouse, plot of land, or office space.
    Not all free zones offer such a variety of choices.
  3. No requirement to deposit share capital into an account;

However, it is always recommended to have the capital paid up. The minimum share capital in Ajman Free Zone is USD 50,000.

  1. Absence of many taxes;
    Ajman Free Zone offers 100% exemption from personal income tax, and others. However, the VAT rate is 5%.
  2. Registration takes just 3-5 days.
    Ajman Free Zone offers convenient registration conditions, so it is common for companies to be registered even earlier than 3 days.

An essential step in starting a business in the Emirates is obtaining a license for the corresponding activity. Ajman Free Zone allows obtaining licenses for the following types of activities: trading, industrial, service, and e-commerce.

The license in Ajman Free Zone is issued for 1 year and must be renewed annually in advance (1 month before the expiration date).

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  • We will explain when a company in the UAE pays taxes.

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