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Legalization of documents in Singapore

A reminder: an apostille is a stamp that confirms the legality of documents issued in a member state of the 1961 Hague Convention, allowing the use of such documents abroad. With the use of an apostille, the complicated procedure of document legalization can be avoided. However, an apostille can only be used in countries that [...]

UAE business license

General information about UAE licenses Obtaining a UAE business license is an extremely crucial and necessary process. This showcases a company's legitimacy, making it absolutely vital. The license is issued as a separate document to a company after its registration along with its founding documents. Typically, the license also specifies the activity codes of [...]

Dubai Internet City Free zone

Advantages of the DIC Free Zone Specialization: IT; Dubai Internet City is entirely focused on information technology, making it an ideal hub for promising IT startups. Favorable geographical location; DIC Free Zone is located in Dubai, at the center of business activity in the Emirates. Service activities permitted; Company registration takes only 2 weeks; [...]

What is a PAN in India

What is a PAN in India? PAN (Permanent Account Number) in essence signifies a taxpayer identification number. This is a unique number assigned to all taxpayers in India. The number is allocated by the Indian Tax Department (specifically the Income Tax Department of India) and serves the purpose of taxpayer identification. PAN in India [...]

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