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Document attestation in Dubai

Modern Dubai is the hub of business emigration and international investments. Today it ranks among the wealthiest emirates in the UAE, offering its residents boundless opportunities for growth across all sectors. Additionally, Dubai attracts many investors and immigrants with its straightforward procedures for legalization and obtaining permanent residency. The process of document attestation in [...]

Dubai free zones

Dubai is one of the most attractive business destinations globally, due to its tax policies, regulatory environment and a strategically advantageous location bridging Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the most attractive features of the country for international investors is the presence of so-called free zones. Dubai free zones offer the opportunity of conducting business [...]

Company formation in Dubai: all you need to know

The United Arab Emirates (hereinafter referred to as the UAE) is an extremely popular destination not only for tourists but also for entrepreneurs around the world. Company formation in Dubai is in high demand among many businessmen. The conditions that the UAE offers for registering a company are extremely advantageous and simple. There are [...]

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