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Corporate documents attestation in the UAE

Advantages of Owning a Company in the UAE The business environment in the UAE is recognized as one of the most stable, as the government of the UAE fully supports entrepreneurs and provides privileges for conducting business in the UAE. Therefore, owning a company in the UAE has several undeniable advantages: Tax privileges; Reliable banking [...]

Consular documents attestation for the UAE

Why is there no apostille in the UAE? Apostille is a stamp recognized by several countries, simplifying the procedure of consular legalization. With an apostille, there is no need for a longer and more complicated consular legalization process. However, an apostille is only recognized in countries that are signatories to the Hague Apostille Convention (full [...]

Offshore company formation in Dubai

Advantages of Offshore Company Formation in Dubai Registering an offshore company in the UAE offers the following benefits: Rapidly growing economy The UAE boasts high economic performance, positioning it as a leader in average annual income per capita among the Arabian Peninsula countries. Its strong economy allows this small nation to maintain high income [...]

UAE corporate tax law

General Information about the UAE The UAE has earned a global reputation for being one of the best places in the world for business. Its strategic geographic location, fast-growing economy, lack of currency controls, the ability to register a company with 100% foreign ownership, the UAE corporate tax law and more make the UAE [...]

UAE business license

General information about UAE licenses Obtaining a UAE business license is an extremely crucial and necessary process. This showcases a company's legitimacy, making it absolutely vital. The license is issued as a separate document to a company after its registration along with its founding documents. Typically, the license also specifies the activity codes of [...]

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