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Curacao gaming license: new licensing regime since September 2023

Changes as of September 1, 2023 Applications for new master licenses for online gaming will be accepted and processed directly from operators in accordance with existing legislation; An online portal for the Gaming Control Board (GCB) will be established for: Receiving applications for new licenses; Registering operators working under existing sub-licenses. The portal will [...]

Ukrainian B2B Software Provider (Gambling) License

As the name implies Ukrainian B2B Software Provider License is for companies that supply gambling-related software to operators. Prior to the enactment of the law all gaming activity had been outlawed. Ukrainian Law on Gambling brought about long awaited regulation of the industry, enabling not only operators (see more details on that in our previous [...]

Gambling business in Ukraine: license requirements and application procedure

Gambling business in Ukraine: requirements and restrictions In addition, gambling business in Ukraine has become a regulated activity. Therefore, from now on only those entities that have received special licenses and adhere to all of the requirements provided by the Law and license conditions can engage in it. The licenses itself are issued by a [...]

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