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Company registration in Australia

Australia is widely recognized as one of the best countries in terms of living standards, with its economy consistently delivering impressive results for the past 28 years. The increasing attractiveness of the country as a place to start a company is mainly due to the promising chances it offers for making money through investments [...]

Company registration in USA

If not the USA, what other country can be considered a haven for entrepreneurs in our era? A well-established business culture, various incentives offered by different states and numerous examples of evolving from a "garage business" into a multinational corporate giant make this country an ideal place for registering a company, starting a firm [...]

Company formation in Estonia

Estonia has several advantages that entrepreneurs from around the world successfully leverage when seeking to do business in this prestigious European jurisdiction. Company formation in Estonia for a non-resident is straightforward: the registration requirements are minimal, and the procedure itself is simple and clear. GFLO Consultancy is pleased to propose company registration services in [...]

Company formation in Thailand

Thailand might not be the first choice that springs to mind when you think about starting an oversea business. More established jurisdictions have already gained the trust of businesspeople and investors worldwide. This can lead to a lack of time and motivation for exploring less well-known countries. However, often it's precisely those less popular [...]

What is a Confirmation Statement in the UK?

The UK is among the most favorable jurisdictions to set up and run a business. It offers simple conditions for incorporation and maintenance of a company, a convenient taxation regime and fairly relaxed reporting requirements. Business owners in the UK often hear about the annual filing of the so-called Confirmation Statement. Your Confirmation Statement [...]

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