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News, articles and useful information for businesses in the area of tax law. GFLO Consultancy’s team of specialists provides professional services in the field of tax law. We are always happy to share useful information, so we hope that below you will find answers to your questions. And if there is no answer there, you can always contact us

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Ukrainian VAT Return for Suppliers of Electronic Services

From 2022 onwards foreign companies supplying the so-called "electronic (digital) services" to customers in Ukraine may have to register with Ukrainian tax authorities and collect VAT. We have already shed some light on this topic in our previous article, which might help understand whether new Ukrainian VAT on electronic services affects your business. In [...]

Ukrainian VAT on electronic services

In 2021 Ukrainian parliament introduced new VAT rules applicable to foreign companies providing the so-called "electronic services" in Ukraine. Below is a brief overview of the new Ukrainian VAT rules. GFLO Consultancy provides consulting services in the field of tax law of Ukraine. Contact us today. [...]

EORI number: what it is, who needs it, and how to get it

Individuals and all business entities, including sole proprietors, that wish to perform commercial customs operations in the European Union eventually come across an EORI number requirement on their customs declarations. As a result, the following questions arise. What is an EORI number and in which situations is it required by the EU customs legislation? [...]

Gambling business in Ukraine: license requirements and application procedure

In 2020, the Verkhovna Rada (Ukrainian parliament) adopted a law regulating organization and conduct of gambling in Ukraine (the Law). Accordingly, with the adoption of the Law, gambling business in Ukraine became legal, and moratorium on its conduct (in effect since 2009) was abolished. GFLO Consultancy is pleased to offer you its assistance in [...]

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