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2-6 weeks

 turnaround time


of the country

Business culture

Indian business style can seem different to the European one


Registering a business in India for non-residents can be quite intricate and time-consuming


A considerable number of documents will be required, and the translation and apostille process might take additional time


is here for you

GFLO Consultancy helps in leaving behind the mentioned complexities of registering a company in India, as we handle all the challenges on your behalf

Usually, remote company formation turnaround time depends on document processing in the shareholder’s home country, though the price remains unchanged

  • We assist in overcoming cultural and mindset barriers
  • We conduct business communications within India following a structured plan, ensuring agreements are honored and time is used efficiently
  • Throughout the process you have a clear understanding of what and how must be done to ensure your company registration documents are approved
  • We assist with matters concerning document translation, notarization and apostille
  • As well as selecting and finding an office, local staff recruitment, local phone line setup, document proofreading, etc.
  • If necessary, we sign a cooperation agreement
  • The turnaround time starts from the date of invoice payment
We discuss the company structure and registration terms, and сlarify jurisdiction nuances
We streamline paying registration and fee charges, statutory documents preparation, and
obtaining a tax identification number (PAN)
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Cooperation with us

is simple, convenient and beneficial


You leave a request on our website or reach us by phone


We outline the specifics of your case during a free 1-hour consultation


We present a unique offer tailored to your needs


We swiftly and efficiently carry out your order


You care about business, we care about formalities

  1. First, we hold a consultation to explain the registration process in detail;
  2. Then, we request the required documents from the owner;
  3. The owner translates and notarizes the documents, then gets them apostilled and sends them back to us;
  4. We check the Indian name registry and reserve your company name for you if it is available;
  5. We prepare the documents for company registration that require the founder’s signature;
  6. We obtain Director Identification Numbers (DIM, DSC);
  7. We submit the documents for the registration of your company in the chosen state;
  8. We receive the registration confirmation and the Permanent Accouте Number (PAN) and send you the constitutional documents;
  9. Congratulations! Your company in India is officially open and ready for legal operation.

Our work will be completed within the agreed time frame because we are familiar with all the nuances of working with India

You won’t risk encountering bureaucratic complexities or communication issues caused by cultural and mentality differences

Our pricing policy is transparent, and we consider every essential detail in advance, leaving no room for unexpected “surprises”

Regardless of your location, we will be in touch based on your time zone, even during weekends


your business might require after incorporation

We will streamline the process of opening a foreign account and help you choose the best option

We will take a significant step to protect your brand and intellectual property in any form.

We provide help with both drafting contracts from scratch and proofreading existing ones.

We will get along with your accountancy, ensuring accurate financial reporting to the authorities in your place of registration.

Let’s check if your Russian ADRs/GDRs can be converted!

When were your Russian ADRs obtained?
What is the total cost of your DRs?

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Additional services:

GFLO office (optional)


corporate services for business


experts on our team, with
years of experience on average
years in the market, across
countries (jurisdictions)
companies opened in INDIA

  • We provide professional consultations and services for businesses worldwide;
  • We operate in 15 of the most business-friendly jurisdictions, therefore we can help you establish a company in 15 countries with the world’s largest economies;
  • We assist businesses in obtaining the necessary licenses, provide legal support, handle bureaucratic matters, manage administrative tasks and remain available to our clients 24/7;
  • The company employs a team of 37 experts, each with an average of 10 years of work experience and holding mandatory higher education diplomas in law and economics;
  • By choosing us, you can expect quality service at competitive market rates and prompt issue resolution.
  • If this aligns with your needs, feel welcome to submit a request for a free consultation.