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Dubai Airport Freezone

The next important territory in the UAE that we've chosen to write about is the DAFZA (Dubai Airport Freezone Authority). DAFZA is situated in close proximity to Dubai International Airport, making it strategically advantageous for establishing and conducting businesses, especially in the trading sphere.

Established in 1996, DAFZA has already celebrated its 25th anniversary. Currently, more than 1800 companies are registered in DAFZA, and this number is rapidly increasing each year.

Ready to incorporate a company?

Ready to incorporate a company?

Dubai Airport Freezone

Posted 15 December 2023



Commercial, service, industrial, e-commerce

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DAFZA Free Zone advantages

1. Geographic location
DAFZA’s proximity to Dubai International Airport plays a significant role for various business activities.
2. 100% foreign ownership
DAFZA allows registration with full foreign ownership.
3. Tax exemption
Similar to other free zones, the Dubai Airport Freezone offers favorable tax conditions without corporate, dividend, import, or export taxes.


If conducting business within the UAE, VAT at 5% may apply.

4. Warehouse facilities
DAFZA houses over 30 warehouses, suitable for companies involved in storage activities within the UAE.
5. Various license types
DAFZA provides trade, industrial, service, and e-commerce licenses.


A DAFZA business license is valid for 1 year and requires annual renewal.

Tips to consider

1. Audit
DAFZA requires audited financial reporting.
2. Share Capital
The minimum share capital for DAFZA companies is AED 1000 per shareholder.
3. Registration Time
Company registration in DAFZA takes approximately 2 weeks.

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Business registration in the UAE has specific nuances not found in other jurisdictions. Dealing with free zones might be challenging, obtaining a residency visa requires guidance during a personal visit to the UAE, and incorrectly prepared documents might lead to rejection in opening a bank account. To ensure a smooth and successful procedure, it’s best to entrust the process to professionals.

The GFLO Consultancy team has strong connections with most free zones in the UAE and is pleased to offer assistance at every stage.

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  • Assist in opening a bank account in the UAE;
  • Explain the scenarios where the company will pay taxes;
  • Address all queries throughout the process.

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