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Dubai International Financial Centre

Next on our business radar is the Dubai International Financial Centre in the UAE. The DIFC free zone is situated within the emirate of Dubai. Established by the emirate's government in 2004, DIFC serves as an international financial hub, offering a range of business advantages. Currently, DIFC is home to over 2,500 registered companies.

Ready to incorporate a company?

Ready to incorporate a company?

Dubai International Financial Centre

Posted 15 December 2023

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DIFC Free Zone advantages

1. Dubai International Financial Centre is of the key financial hubs in the Middle East.
DIFC houses some of the largest financial institutions in the UAE. It offers a robust infrastructure for financial companies to access both the local UAE market and the global market.
2. Adherence to English Law.
DIFC operates under a common law system aligned with English law. DIFC courts are independent bodies for the administration and enforcement of justice.
3. 100% foreign ownership.
Companies within the DIFC free zone can be established with 100% foreign ownership without the need for a local partner in the structure.
4. Tax exemption.
Similar to other free zones, DIFC provides highly advantageous tax conditions for business setup and operations.
5. Specialized licensing.
DIFC is tailored for companies providing financial services. Therefore, it’s an ideal place for businesses in finance, investments, banking, and fintech.
6. Various legal structures.
In DIFC, you can register a company in forms such as:

  • Free Zone Establishment (Company with a single shareholder);
  • Free Zone Company (Company with multiple shareholders);
  • Subsidiary;
  • Branch.
The licensing in DIFC is granted by a specialized body – Dubai Financial Services Authority (DFSA). DFSA also regulates the activities of banking and financial institutions within DIFC.
Company registration in the UAE enables eligibility for obtaining a residency visa for its shareholders.

Tips to consider

1. Audit
Companies registered in the Dubai International Financial Centre are required to undergo mandatory auditing for their financial reporting.
2. Minimum Share Capital
DIFC imposes requirements on the minimum share capital, which must be at least USD 50,000 and needs to be deposited into a bank account.

The DIFC free zone offers numerous benefits and might be a perfect fit for your business. If you have any queries about DIFC or need consultation regarding doing business in the UAE, reach out to the experts at GFLO Consultancy. We’re looking forward to our collaboration.

Why choose us?

Business registration in the UAE has specific nuances not found in other jurisdictions. Dealing with free zones might be challenging, obtaining a residency visa requires guidance during a personal visit to the UAE, and incorrectly prepared documents might lead to rejection in opening a bank account. To ensure a smooth and successful procedure, it’s best to entrust the process to professionals.

The GFLO Consultancy team has strong connections with most free zones in the UAE and is pleased to offer assistance at every stage.

What can we do for you?

  • Consult on all aspects of company registration in the DIFC Free Zone that articles might not cover;
  • Register your company in DIFC;
  • Facilitate obtaining residency visas for you;
  • Assist in opening a bank account in the UAE;
  • Explain the scenarios where the company will pay taxes;
  • Address all queries throughout the process.

GFLO Consultancy experts are pleased to assist and help you with any inquiries, just get in touch or leave a request through the form right below.


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