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Dubai residence visa

If you've ever considered starting a company, opening a bank account, or moving to the United Arab Emirates, this article is for you. To live, register a company, or open a bank account in the UAE, you need a special document—a residence visa. Having a Dubai residence visa simplifies many processes, but you must meet certain requirements to obtain one.

Ready to incorporate a company?

Ready to incorporate a company?

Что такое резидентская виза в ОАЭ и как ее получить?

Posted 4 May 2024

What is the Dubai residence visa?

A UAE residency visa is a document that allows a foreign national to legally stay in the UAE, purchase property, live, and study. The visa is issued for various periods depending on the purpose of obtaining it. Most often, a residency visa is valid for two years. After the visa expires, it can be renewed as long as all the requirements are met.

In essence, a residency visa places its holder in a status similar to that of UAE citizens, allowing them to benefit from national residency status. This includes the right to stay and move freely around the country, relax, feel safe, access housing, find employment, study, and benefit from the country’s relatively lenient tax policies.

Ways to obtain a residency visa

There are five main ways to obtain a residency visa:

  1. Get a job in the UAE as a qualified professional in a specific field;
  2. Register your company in the UAE;
  3. Invest in the UAE’s economy;
  4. Enroll in an educational institution in the UAE;
  5. Purchase property in the UAE.

If you are employed in the UAE, your employer will handle the process of arranging your visa.

In addition to the Dubai residence visa, you can also obtain a UAE resident identification card, known as an “Emirates ID.” This card resembles a credit card and can easily fit in your wallet. The ID card verifies your identity and confirms your residence visa status. It’s important to note that you must first obtain a residence visa before applying for the identification card.

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Who Can Obtain a Residence Visa in the UAE

A residence visa in the UAE is available to any applicant who is of legal age and meets the requirements based on the chosen visa acquisition method.

However, there are exceptions. Individuals who are on the so-called “blacklist” will not be able to obtain a residence visa. These are people who have violated UAE laws and are now banned from entering the country.


In practice, there are rare cases where difficulties may arise for people whose name matches that of another individual who is banned from entering the UAE. This does not impact the decision to issue a visa to the person with a similar name, but it may take more time as additional documentation must be provided to confirm they are not involved in any offenses in the UAE.

A great bonus is that a UAE resident visa allows the holder to also apply for visas for family members (spouse, children).

Documents Needed for the Dubai residence visa

To obtain a UAE resident visa, you need to prepare a set of documents that primarily includes:

  • Identification documents of the applicant;
  • Proof of eligibility for the visa (e.g., a work contract or a document confirming admission to a university in the UAE);
  • Photographs;
  • Lease agreement for a property in the UAE (not required for all types of visas);
  • A document proving a sufficient account balance (not required for all types of visas).

To obtain a resident visa for family members in addition to the applicant, you will need to provide additional documents:

  • Current ID of spouse and children;
  • Copy of the applicant’s resident visa;
  • Marriage certificate (certified and translated to English or Arabic);
  • Children’s birth certificates (also certified and translated to English or Arabic);
  • Salary certificate (if the UAE resident visa was initially obtained through employment). The minimum salary must be sufficient to sponsor the spouse and children;
  • Color photographs of spouse and children.

By thoroughly meeting the requirements, obtaining a UAE resident visa is not difficult. However, if you lack the time or inclination to handle the process on your own and want to maximize your chances of obtaining a visa on the first try, you can contact us.

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