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Malta gaming license

The gambling industry on this European island represents an attractive and promising area for business. The Malta gaming license has become the gold standard for gaming operators, ensuring a high level of regulation and access to European markets. Companies aiming for success in this industry find Malta a perfect place to achieve their goals, thanks to clear procedures and advantages provided by the local gambling license.

Malta gaming license

Posted 29 November 2023

Types of licenses in Malta

  1. Game of chance, where the player plays against the casino, the outcome of which is determined by a random generator and includes casino-type games such as roulette, blackjack, baccarat, casino poker, lotteries, secondary lotteries, and virtual sports games.
  2. Game of chance, where the player plays against the casino, the outcome of which is not determined randomly, but depends on the result of an event or competition external to the game of chance, and where the operator manages their risk by controlling the odds offered to the player.
  3. Game of chance not played against the casino, where the operator is not exposed to gaming risk but generates revenue by charging a commission or other fees based on bets or winnings. This includes peer-to-peer (P2P) games such as poker, bingo, betting exchange, and other commission-based games.
  4. Controlled skill games. These are games that involve placing bets to participate and/or offer the opportunity to win a prize in cash or its equivalent, such as daily fantasy sports.

These are the primary categories, although in practice, there may be other types of licenses or additional subcategories depending on specific services and types of gambling operations.

Procedure for obtaining a gambling license

The process of obtaining a Malta gaming license includes the following key steps:

  • Document Preparation: Detailed information about the company, business plans, financial reports, legal documents, and other documentation is required.
  • Application Submission and Review: After submitting the license application, it undergoes a thorough review by competent authorities to meet the security and fairness standards of the gaming industry.
  • Technical Testing: Technical testing of the gaming software system is necessary to ensure compliance with standards.
  • License Issuance: Upon successfully completing all stages, your company will be granted a Malta gambling license.

Unique Benefits:

  • Prestige and Trust: The Malta gaming license is widely recognized in the gaming industry, attracting players and partners.
  • Access to EU Markets: The Malta license provides access to European markets by complying with European Union standards.
  • Tax Advantages: Malta offers an attractive tax system for gaming companies, contributing to their financial stability and growth.
  • Strong Regulatory Environment: The Malta Gaming Authority strictly regulates operators, ensuring player protection and platform fairness.

A gambling license in Malta is not just a legal requirement but a strategic decision for the long-term success of your business. The combination of prestige, market access, and quality regulation makes this license an essential tool for thriving in the world of gaming.

GFLO Consultancy: Experts in Obtaining Gambling Licenses in Malta have been specializing in guiding and assisting clients in obtaining gambling licenses in Malta for many years. Our team consists of highly qualified experts with in-depth knowledge of Maltese gaming legislation and licensing procedures.

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Our approach

We aim to provide clients not only with top-quality services but also to understand their unique needs. Our professionalism and practical experience allow us to develop individual licensing strategies tailored to each client’s objectives.

What can we offer:

  • Expert Consultation: We offer guidance through all stages of the gambling license process, from document preparation to technical testing.
  • Personalized Approach: Our team adapts strategies to fit the unique needs of your business to ensure optimal results.
  • Support at Every Stage: We accompany clients at every stage of the process, ensuring transparency and efficient communication.

Our advantages

Deep Industry Understanding: We consistently track legislative changes in gambling licensing, providing up-to-date and accurate recommendations.

Proven Track Record: Our company has successfully assisted numerous clients in obtaining gambling licenses in Malta, providing them with opportunities to develop their business in this industry.

Reliability and Trust: We value each project and aim for long-term relationships with our clients based on mutual trust.


GFLO Consultancy is your reliable partner in obtaining a gambling license in Malta. We offer not only professional assistance but also an understanding of the importance of each step for the success of your gaming business in the dynamic online gaming industry.

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