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Meydan Free Zone in the UAE

The Meydan Free Zone, established in 2009 in Dubai, stands as a contemporary economic hub. Situated at the heart of Dubai, in the thriving Nad Al Sheba district adjacent to the Dubai Logistics Corridor, Meydan Free Zone boasts a strategic location. It's close to the prestigious Dubai Racecourse, hosting various exhibitions and conferences that attract investments from both local and international enterprises.

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Ready to incorporate a company?

Meydan Free Zone in the UAE

Posted 15 December 2023

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Mandatory in a number of cases

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Advantages of the Meydan Free Zone

Meydan Free Zone provides conditions for international trade and the growth of enterprises of any size.

Among the advantages of Meydan are:

  • 100% foreign ownership of the company;
  • No taxes;
  • No currency restrictions;
  • High-speed Internet;
  • No import/export duties;
  • Online interaction with the free zone;
  • Licenses for various activities;
  • And more.

Additionally, Meydan Free Zone is in close proximity to vital commercial and financial centers, including easy access to Dubai International Airport and key infrastructure facilities. It holds the status of an international free economic zone, offering competitive packages, tariffs, and new growth opportunities for enterprises of all scales and sizes looking to relocate to the developed and dynamic Dubai.

Tips to consider

Despite its numerous advantages, Meydan Free Zone also has particular aspects that need to be taken into account.

1. Trading outside the free zone
Entrepreneurs might find it challenging to trade with companies outside their free zone. Often, businessmen consider it necessary to hire a commercial agent or distributor to conduct business.
2. Company registration duration
Company registration in Meydan Free Zone takes between 2 weeks to 30 days depending on the specifics of each case.
3. Mandatory licensing
To commence operations, obtaining a license is necessary. The validity period of a company’s license in the UAE is limited to 1 year and requires renewal upon expiration.


Planning license renewal in advance is crucial to avoid penalties. Generally, it’s advisable to renew the license at least 1 month before its expiration.

4. Minimum share capital
The minimum share capital is about USD 82000 or AED 300.000.
5. Activity limitations
Furthermore, it’s worth noting that certain business activities within the free zone might require additional approvals.

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Company formation in the Meydan Free Zone

Overall, the procedure for registering a company in Meydan isn’t significantly different from registering a company in other free zones.
Key stages of company registration in Meydan are:

  1. Determining the company structure (how many founders are planned).
  2. Choosing a name and applying for its preliminary approval.
  3. Preparation of the necessary document package. A typical list of documents when applying for company registration includes an ID, a photo, proof of address, and a resume.
  4. Signing forms for company registration.
  5. Determining the company’s address (for Meydan Free Zone, having a virtual address is sufficient, but if opening a bank account is required, it’s better to rent a real one).
  6. Obtaining the license.


The Meydan Free Zone offers efficient and cost-effective options for over 1500 types of activities. Enterprises operating within this free zone benefit from a reliable, secure, and dynamic community.

Meydan offers numerous advantages, incentives, business solutions, and opportunities, making any possible drawbacks insignificant. With each passing day, more investors show interest in Meydan. Perhaps, everyone can find something suitable here.

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