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Salary Certificate in the UAE

When doing business in the UAE or having an existing employment contract with a company in the Emirates, you might need a Salary Certificate. What is it exactly, and why is it necessary? How can you obtain it, and what is the duration of the process? Let's delve into these questions in the following article.

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Salary Certificate in the UAE

Posted 20 May 2024

What is a Salary Certificate in the UAE?

Salary Certificate in the UAE is a confirmation of an employee’s status within a company. It reflects the employee’s salary, place of work, position, date of employment, as well as other details such as the employee’s date of birth, address, company stamp, signature, etc.

Salary Certificate is issued by the employer upon the request of the employee.

Why is a Salary Certificate needed?

When might a Salary Certificate in the UAE be required? For instance, for the following means:

  1. To open a bank account for salary deposits;
    When opening a salary account, among other documents, the bank will require a Salary Certificate.
  2. To confirm employment in a company in the UAE;
    Confirmation of employment in a company in the UAE may be required for various reasons, such as when an employee also works in another country as a part-time job.

For this reason, the Salary Certificate will need to be attested.

  1. To obtain a sponsorship visa for family members;
    If the employee’s spouse or children need to obtain visas, the employee in the UAE can sponsor them. Then, the family members will receive a sponsored residency visa. To confirm that the employee will be able to support their family members while living in the UAE, the relevant authority will request their Salary Certificate to verify the salary amount.
  2. To receive a discount on driving school tuition;
    Those wishing to obtain a driver’s license in the UAE need to attend driving school. Driving school tuition in the UAE is quite expensive compared to many other countries. If the employee’s salary is not high enough, presenting the Salary Certificate to the driving school may lead to a discount for the learner. This makes attending driving school much more cost-effective.
  3. To apply for a loan.
    Confirmation of financial stability is a mandatory requirement when applying for a loan in UAE banks. The bank will request the Salary Certificate to assess the potential borrower’s salary amount.

Besides the situations mentioned above, a Salary Certificate may be requested in other cases as well.

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Procedure for Obtaining a Salary Certificate in the UAE

The procedure for obtaining a Salary Certificate is straightforward. Essentially, from the employee’s side, only one action is required: requesting the Salary Certificate from the employer.

From the employer’s side, there are a few more steps involved. The employer contacts the free zone where the company is registered to issue the Salary Certificate (if the company is registered in a free zone. The process is slightly different for local companies).

Timeframe for Obtaining a Salary Certificate

The timeframe for obtaining a Salary Certificate in the UAE varies from 3 to 5 working days from the date of the request. When sending a request for the issuance of the Salary Certificate, the free zone (if the company is registered in a free zone) may inquire about the reason for needing the certificate. This may slightly delay the issuance.

However, typically, the issuance of the Salary Certificate is very quick and straightforward.


Obtaining a Salary Certificate in the UAE is a straightforward procedure that is necessary in certain life circumstances. Thanks to the Salary Certificate, an employee can open a salary account, confirm their employment in a company in the UAE, sponsor visas for family members, receive a discount at a driving school, apply for a loan, and much more.

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