Company registration in Hong Kong

The stable legislation and business-friendly tax policies of Hong Kong attract investors and entrepreneurs from around the world. Opening a company in Hong Kong is considered one of the best ideas for conducting international business for a number of reasons. In this article we will cover the key advantages of company registration in Hong [...]

Company registration in Canada

Canada is a federal state consisting of ten provinces and three territories. The country primarily operates under a common law system, with the exception of the province of Quebec. Canadian provinces have their own legislation governing all sectors, except those under federal jurisdiction. Company registration in Canada and opening a bank account with a [...]

Company formation in Singapore

M any entrepreneurs from around the world find company formation in Singapore appealing, and there are numerous factors contributing to this interest. In the first place, it is important to highlight that Singapore provides an ideal environment for business growth, a vital consideration for entrepreneurs in their early stages. Singapore consistently ranks among the [...]

Dubai free zones

Dubai is one of the most attractive business destinations globally, due to its tax policies, regulatory environment and a strategically advantageous location bridging Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the most attractive features of the country for international investors is the presence of so-called free zones. Dubai free zones offer the opportunity of conducting business [...]

Company formation in UK

The United Kingdom, with its strong international reputation and favorable business conditions, is a top choice for entrepreneurs worldwide when it comes to establishing a company. Many businesspeople from all corners of the globe opt for company formation in UK. It offers numerous opportunities for successful business development and achieving commercial goals. This is one [...]

Company formation in Cyprus

If you are looking for a jurisdiction that offers swift and convenient business registration, you might want to consider the Republic of Cyprus. This country holds a strategically important geographical position with gateways to Europe, Asia, and Africa, therefore standing out as a favored destination for setting up businesses. Company formation in Cyprus may [...]

Russian depositary receipts: conversion complexities

In Russia, as in many other countries, depositary receipts are used to facilitate investors' purchase of shares. Russian depositary receipts are securities that confirm an investor's right to a certain number of shares. Despite the convenience and flexibility they offer, investors may face several challenges when converting Russian depositary receipts into actual shares. This is [...]

Curacao gaming license: new licensing regime in 2023

Currently, Curacao stands as one of the top choices among jurisdictions for acquiring gaming licenses. The simplicity of obtaining a Curacao gaming license and its favorable tax conditions make it an appealing choice for numerous entrepreneurs. However, Curacao licenses have their peculiarities: they are divided into master licenses and sub-licenses. For a long time [...]

Company formation in Thailand

Thailand might not be the first choice that springs to mind when you think about starting an oversea business. More established jurisdictions have already gained the trust of businesspeople and investors worldwide. This can lead to a lack of time and motivation for exploring less well-known countries. However, often it's precisely those less popular [...]

Sberbank dividends: is it possible to receive dividends on converted depositary receipts?

The Supervisory Board of Sberbank recommended paying out dividends for 2022 financial year in the amount of 565 billion rubles, which equals to 25 rubles per share. This is a record amount for Sberbank dividends. The record date for the purpose of Sberbank dividends’ pay out is May 11, 2023. Accordingly, in order to [...]

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