Dubai Internet City Free zone

Advantages of the DIC Free Zone Specialization: IT; Dubai Internet City is entirely focused on information technology, making it an ideal hub for promising IT startups. Favorable geographical location; DIC Free Zone is located in Dubai, at the center of business activity in the Emirates. Service activities permitted; Company registration takes only 2 weeks; [...]

What is a TFN in Australia

Summary Tax File Number Australia 28 days Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Understanding TFN TFN stands for Tax File Number. It is a personal identification number used in the Australian taxation and pension systems, assigned by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO). ATO issues TFNs [...]

Conversion of Russian ADRs and GDRs

Our solutions To address these issues, GFLO Consultancy, has developed solutions and provides successful support to investors who wish to convert their Russian ADRs and GDRs to underlying shares for which such depositary receipts were issued. What we offer: free case assessment; free initial consultation; quick turnaround time, which is especially important due to the [...]

Depositary receipts: what they are, types, and differences from stocks

What are depositary receipts? A depositary receipt is a financial instrument that represents ownership rights to the stocks of a foreign company. In other words, it is a certificate that allows investors to buy stocks of foreign companies without the need to directly invest in these companies' stocks. Instead, depositary receipts are issued by [...]

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