International Law

Worldwide taxation vs territorial taxation

In matters of international corporate taxation, understanding not only tax rates but also the principles of taxation is crucial. Depending on the taxation principle enforced in a particular country, income is subject to taxation differently. Worldwide jurisdictions can be divided into the following groups based on their taxation types: Jurisdictions, in which the income of [...]

Document attestation in Dubai

Modern Dubai is the hub of business emigration and international investments. Today it ranks among the wealthiest emirates in the UAE, offering its residents boundless opportunities for growth across all sectors. Additionally, Dubai attracts many investors and immigrants with its straightforward procedures for legalization and obtaining permanent residency. The process of document attestation in [...]

Dubai free zones

Dubai is one of the most attractive business destinations globally, due to its tax policies, regulatory environment and a strategically advantageous location bridging Europe, Africa and Asia. One of the most attractive features of the country for international investors is the presence of so-called free zones. Dubai free zones offer the opportunity of conducting business [...]

Russian depositary receipts: conversion complexities

In Russia, as in many other countries, depositary receipts are used to facilitate investors' purchase of shares. Russian depositary receipts are securities that confirm an investor's right to a certain number of shares. Despite the convenience and flexibility they offer, investors may face several challenges when converting Russian depositary receipts into actual shares. This is [...]

Depositary receipts: what they are, types, and differences from stocks.

In the modern globalized economy, companies often operate in multiple countries, trading their stocks on various stock exchanges around the world. This has led to an increase in demand for financial instruments that allow investors to invest in foreign companies without facing currency and regulatory system complexities. One such instrument is a depositary receipt. [...]

Ukrainian VAT on electronic services

In 2021 Ukrainian parliament introduced new VAT rules applicable to foreign companies providing the so-called "electronic services" in Ukraine. Below is a brief overview of the new Ukrainian VAT rules. GFLO Consultancy provides consulting services in the field of tax law of Ukraine. Contact us today. [...]

VAT for Amazon sellers: who needs it

When selling goods to EU countries through the FBA program on Amazon Marketplace, many suppliers are required to register for VAT in their customers' countries. Therefore, if you are planning to sell goods in the EU, you will most likely need to obtain a VAT number for Amazon. Reminder: VAT means Value Added [...]

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