UAE business license

General information about UAE licenses Obtaining a UAE business license is an extremely crucial and necessary process. This showcases a company's legitimacy, making it absolutely vital. The license is issued as a separate document to a company after its registration along with its founding documents. Typically, the license also specifies the activity codes of [...]

What is a DIN number in India

What is a DIN in India? DIN (Director Identification Number) is a unique identification number for directors. The Government of India assigns DIN to individuals who are directors of an Indian company or plan to become one. The DIN number in India consists of 8 digits, providing a unique combination that remains unchanged throughout [...]

What is a DSC in India

What is a DSC in India? DSC (Digital Signature Certificate) is a digital key issued by certifying authorities to verify the identity of the certificate holder. In India, DSC serves as the electronic counterpart of a paper certificate validating the identity of its owner (e.g., driver's license, passport). Similar to a paper certificate, an [...]

Company registration in Australia

Summary 2-5 days No requirements. Typically AUD 1 Present At least one director must be an Australian resident None 10% None Resident companies pay tax on worldwide income Non-resident companies pay tax on income derived from sources within Australia 30%, 27.5% [...]

Company registration in USA

Summary Starting at 1 day None None None Currently, the USA comprises 50 states, in addition to a federal district and island territories None Mixed - territorial and worldwide Federal level - 21% State level - from 0% to 12% [...]

Company formation in Estonia

Summary 3-10 working days EUR 2500 for an OÜ None None The tax rate depends on whether the profit is reinvested or distributed It's 0% on reinvested profit and 20% on distributed profit None Present; the reporting year aligns with the calendar year June 30th [...]

Company registration in India

Summary Approximately 2-6 weeks Not required Typically is INR 100.000 At least one of the directors must be an Indian resident None Allowed Present For resident companies - on worldwide income (worldwide) For non-resident companies - on income earned within India (territorial) 30-40% depending on [...]

Company registration in Hong Kong

Summary starting at 3 days No minimum capital requirement The recommended amount is HKD 10,000 It is not mandatory to pay it upon company registration None None Allowed None Territorial For non-resident companies, the tax rate is 0% For local companies, it is 16.5% (in [...]

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