When selling goods to EU countries through the FBA program on Amazon Marketplace, many suppliers are required to register for VAT in their customers’ countries. Therefore, if you are planning to sell goods in the EU, you will most likely need to obtain a VAT number for Amazon.

VAT means Value Added Tax.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is a special Amazon service through which orders are processed, packaged and delivered to customers by Amazon.

Both EU residents and non-residents can sell goods through Amazon, but the requirements to them may differ. In what cases is it necessary to get VAT for Amazon? Let’s find out.

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VAT for Amazon

VAT for Amazon

If the seller is a resident to one of the EU countries and is already registered for VAT in his country of residence, then he has no obligation to immediately register for VAT in the countries of his customers.

Residents need to take into account the thresholds upon reaching which they need to register for VAT. If the amount of sales is below the annual threshold in a particular EU country, it is might not be required to go through VAT registration for such seller. Instead, he might be allowed to charge VAT under domestic VAT number (i.e. obtained in the country of registration).

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As for non-residents who ship goods to the EU through Amazon, in most cases they must register for VAT, regardless of the thresholds.

How to register for VAT

The procedure for obtaining VAT depends on the specific country where VAT registration is required. The legislation of each country sets its own rules for the application.

On average, it does not take more than 10 working days to register for VAT, but it all depends on the country of residence of the applicant.


VAT for Amazon is required for everyone who makes or plans to make deliveries to EU countries through FBA (Amazon service). The procedure for registering a company for VAT depends both on the residence of the applicant and on the country where registration is planned.

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