The UK is among the most favorable jurisdictions to set up and run a business. It offers simple conditions for incorporation and maintenance of a company, a convenient taxation regime and fairly relaxed reporting requirements. Business owners in the UK often hear about the annual filing of the so-called Confirmation Statement. Your Confirmation Statement must be filed annually, and it is essential not to miss out on the due filing date.

What is a Confirmation Statement? What does it reflect? How can one know the due date for filing it? — You will find the answers below.

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Confirmation Statement UK

What is a Confirmation Statement?

The Confirmation Statement is an annually filed report confirming UK company information.

The Confirmation Statement serves to confirm that a UK company has remained fully unchanged as compared to a previous year, and no details have been altered. As part of the annual update of the company details in Companies House register, the Confirmation Statement is essential.

Where can one check the due date for the Confirmation Statement?

Given that there is a public register of companies run by Companies House in the UK, finding out about the deadline for filing the Confirmation Statement is easy.

All you need to do is to take the following simple steps:

  1. Visit the Companies House website.
  2. Enter the company name in the “Enter company name, number or officer name” field.
  3. Click on the company name in the search results.
  4. After the main details of the company (name, address, status, form, date of formation) are shown, information about the company reporting and filing deadlines for the Confirmation Statement will appear.

This is the deadline for filing the Confirmation Statement and it is not to be missed.

If you miss out on the filing deadline for the Confirmation Statement for your company, a notice saying “Confirmation Statement overdue” will be displayed with a red exclamation mark on the left side.

Interesting to know:
You can also find the last filing date beside the upcoming due date. This is because the Confirmation Statement must be filed yearly.

How to file a Confirmation Statement?

The process of filing a Confirmation Statement is not very complicated, yet it is not devoid of legal subtleties and requires certain knowledge and understanding of the specifics of the UK legislation.

It is possible to make the filing only with the appropriate company authorization code, so not anyone can do it. Submission of the report takes place on the Registry website, requires completion of a questionnaire and payment of a small fee.

Something to consider:
It is always a good idea to use professional assistance with the filing, given that a company is responsible for the accuracy of the information provided in the course of filing.


There is no need to worry about filing due dates for companies that are incorporated with the assistance of GFLO Consultancy. In all other cases, however, it is important to keep track of the deadline.

If you have any questions about the filing, please contact GFLO Consultancy, we will be happy to assist you.


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